Medical knowledge, within the medical community and the public at large, can only be updated through regular evaluation of existing and new findings in a  systematic, replicable, transparent process often called as research. Good research habits are like good clinical skills and share many interlinked aspects. Both develop through constant practise and may appear difficult initially with strange terminologies but acquire a second nature and ease with practice.

This handbook is an attempt to introduce the basics of common Quantitative Research Methods in Healthcare such that individual practitioners at all levels of healthcare and students in healthcare can start doing locally relevant, contextually appropriate clinical research in their own settings. We believe a larger pool of healthcare practitioners generating and sharing locally relevant contextual knowledge will go a long way in improving the health and wellbeing of populations.

This open access handbook is developed by the Journal of Fetal Radiology Team (supported by AMMAERF & KREST Kochi) and in support of Samrakshan, a nationwide program of IRIA that aims to reduce perinatal mortality in India.


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