General Information

  • Only papers written in English are considered. The articles should be comprehensible and written in a simple language and should be edited prior to submission to ensure that standard English grammar and usage are observed.
  • All manuscripts are subject to editorial review.
  • Manuscripts should follow the Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals from the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) and adhere to the COPE (Code of Conduct and Best Practice) Guidelines.
  •  All manuscripts are open access and authors retain copyright of their articles. Articles maybe disseminated for non commercial and educational use provided the original work and authors are cited appropriately.
  • A statement of Submission with hand-written or digital signatures is to be provided upon submitting the paper. If it is not possible to collect all signatures on a single document, individual copies may be provided for each author. Manuscripts may be accompanied by a cover letter in addition to the Submission Statement if additional information is to be communicated to the Editors.
  • If a submitted manuscript contains third-party copyright material(s), it is the authors’ sole responsibility to obtain permission from the relevant copyright holder for reusing the material(s), including any associated licensing fee. The copyright and usage information needs to be checked carefully to avoid copyright infringement.
  • All submitted manuscripts must contain a Statement of Ethics and a Disclosure Statement after the main body of the text, but before the reference list.
  • Plagiarism is a serious offense even if unintentional. Authors are encouraged to use plagiarism check tools available online to check for plagiarism. It is therefore responsibility to check for plagiarism. If evidence of plagiarism is found before or after acceptance, or after publication of the paper, the author will be offered a chance for rebuttal. If the arguments are found to be unsatisfactory, the manuscript will be retracted and the author sanctioned from publishing papers for a period to be determined by the responsible Editor(s).
  • Peer Review: The journal will use a single-blind peer review system. Our aim is to provide authors with timely and constructive feedback regarding their submitted manuscript. The Editors ensure a comprehensive and fair peer review process focused on improving manuscripts and the highest scientific publishing standards. Editors guide the peer review process for papers in their areas of expertise.
  • The Editors are responsible for maintaining a high-quality peer review of papers submitted to the journal. Their decision concerning the acceptance or rejection of submitted manuscripts is final.

Manuscript Arrangement

Title Page:

  • The first page should contain a short and concise self explanatory title. Avoid abbreviations in the
  • A running title of no more than 80 characters should be provided.
  • Below the title, list all the authors’ names. Each author must have an affiliation, which comprises the department, university, or organization and its location, city, state/province (if applicable), and country.
  • Provide the full postal address of the corresponding author at the bottom of the first page, including a working e-mail address.
  • A statement on conflicts of interest and financial disclosures if any
  • A short summary of the article in less than 300 characters.
  • Three to Five Keywords relevant to the article should be listed below the corresponding author information.

Manuscript body:


Abstracts may be structured as

  • Background/Context
  • Aims
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusion

Abstracts should be limited to 200 words or less.

Body of Manuscripts:

These should be limited to 1500 words and should be structured under the following headers

  • Introduction
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • A short (maximum 5) list of important learning points from the manuscript


  • References may be prepared using the Vancouver Style of Citations
  • List in order in the manuscript
  • Use square brackets to list references in the text
  • Name the first six authors, and use et al for additional authors
  • Unpublished material may be indicated as unpublished in square brackets in the text and need not be listed in the references
  • Ahead of print studies with DOI may be added as references in the list


  • Limit to a maximum of 6 Figures and/or Tables
  • Provide high quality images as JPG files
  • Have a legend for each image and number them consecutively.
  • Crop out patient identifiers information from images
  • It is the responsibility of the authors to have obtained informed consent from the patients
  • Upload each Image separately
  • Number each table consecutively.
  • Each table should have a short pertinent title
  • Provide statistical information as appropriate
  • Provide expanded forms of abbreviations as footnotes to the table.
  • Do not repeat what is in the tables as text.

Informed Consent: It is the responsibility of the authors to ensure that patient consent has been obtained and that patient privacy is protected.

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