Research Articles

Research Articles report on primary research and must describe significant and original observations.  The article’s originality, scientific soundness of the methods and the appropriateness of its analysis and interpretations are important consideration.

Authors are asked to follow the EQUATOR Network for Research Articles.

Prior approval from an Institutional Review Board (IRB) or an Ethics Review Committee is required for all investigations involving human subjects.

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Review Articles

Review Articles are reviews of research or summary articles that are written by experts with experience in the field. They give evidence on and provide answers to a well-defined aspect or question in a particular area. Review Articles must include a critical discussion of the reported data and give a clear conclusion with potential impacts on the standard of care.

Review Articles, including Mini-Reviews should be 3,000-4,000 words in total. They may contain tables and figures and an unlimited number of references.

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Case Reports

Case Reports present a case study, case report, or other description of a case. Case Reports present significant new insights or cases with an unusual and noteworthy course.

Submissions can be based on a case or a number of similar cases. The most important aspect of the presentation is that it should provide a new perspective on a recognized clinical scenario or may represent an entirely new clinical condition. We strongly encourage authors to comply with the CARE guidelines, as well as obtaining written consent from the subject(s) of your case report if you plan to include any photographs or images of them in your manuscript. 

Each Case Report is to include highlighted boxes containing one or two bullet points on ‘Established Facts’ (what is already known) and ‘Novel Insights’ (what new information has been gained). These should be selected so as to reinforce the novelty of the clinical observation.

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Editorials are discussions related to a specific article or issue written by an editor or other member of the publication staff.


Letters are encouraged if they directly concern articles recently published in the journal. If accepted, the editors reserve the right to submit such letters to the authors of the articles concerned prior to publication, in order to permit them to respond in the same issue of the journal.

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