Coronavirus- Educational Information for persons residing in Villages, Rural areas, persons with mild symptoms or asymptomatic COVID-19

The information in the document is meant to provide health education information that persons in rural and remote communities can use as a first line of management against coronavirus-19. The information is not meant to replace medical advice or any government advisory on medical practices. Any person with worsening symptoms or signs must consult a qualified medical doctor immediately.

It is important that rural and remote areas of India receive adequate information about Coronavirus so that the effects of the virus on these communities can be minimized as much as possible.

Medical care in these communities is restricted to primary health centres and community health centres that are run by the government and non-government sectors, small community hospitals, individual doctors of different medical streams and community- based health care providers who may not have a formal health care education.

The resources available and persons and quality available will differ from region to region and the information in this document must be adapted to your setting.

Always ensure that you follow all guidelines and instructions issued by the local government agencies. This document does not replace those instructions.

Consult your Physician if your symptoms worsen or if you have moderate to severe symptoms or symptoms that last for more than 3 to 5 days

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