Aims and Scope

The Journal of Fetal Radiology aims to provide Radiologists in India and other developing countries with information that can be translated into routine clinical, diagnostic and public health systems to improve fetal and perinatal care at all levels of healthcare.

The Journal encourages submissions of clinical, diagnostic and public health research articles, state-of-the art reviews, comments, quality improvement reports and protocols, audit, hypothesis driven research protocols, letters to the editor and dissertations pertinent to Fetal Radiology. Articles published in the Journal of Fetal Radiology are inclusive of the full scope of the specialty, including clinical, professional, political, administrative and educational aspects. The Journal also explores legal and ethical issues, and technology or product development.

The Journal’s audience includes all stakeholders in Fetal Radiology and perinatal/neonatal care, including, but not limited to radiologists, neonatologists, perinatologists, perinatal epidemiologists, public health practitioners, pediatricians and pediatric subspecialists, surgeons, neonatal and perinatal nurses, geneticists,  social workers, dieticians, speech and hearing experts, counsellors, laboratory medicine, pathologists, health policy makers and health educationists. The Journal has a specific focus on reaching out to primary and secondary care physicians at the primary and secondary level of health care. 

The Journal of Fetal Radiology only accepts topics related to perinatology that have a direct relevance and alignment of fetal radiology and/ or perinatal care and outcomes. 

The Journal of Fetal Radiology is supported by