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Clinical Dilemmas 2: photo essay

Clinical Dilemmas 2: photo essay

Presenting images of a case submitted by Dr Sunitha Maddula, member of Fetal Radiology SIG and joined in by Dr Krishna Chaitanya and  Dr Neelam Jain, members of Fetal Radiology India SIG


Member 1:No other abnormality seen, 20yr G2L1, Non consanguinous, Fetus 22wks. What can I suggest the parents now?

Member 2: Binders Syndrome? Mother on warfarin? I used to see lot of binders sy 10 to 15 years back. Suddenly over the last decade it stopped. Now I get occasional cases.

Member 3: Yes Binders,Flat facial profile with no other abnormality. Continue pregnancy


Here is a link to some additional reading material on this case:

Binder Type Nasomaxillary Dysplasia


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