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Activity Report: Fetal Radiology India 2018-19

Activity Report: Fetal Radiology India 2018-19

Fetal Radiology India

Activity Report

Period: April 2018 to March 2019


We have worked towards providing a new direction and platform for Fetal Radiology in India, building on the considerable efforts done by predecessors in the field in India. We are renewing a focus on PPP- Placenta, Prematurity and Preterm, integrating these with efforts to address perinatal health and wellbeing in India.


We are aiming to build a series of interlinked activities that can dynamically carry forward Fetal Radiology in India in a balanced manner for optimal growth and effect.

Creation of a National Road Map for Fetal Radiology (

Conferences and CME programs

CME support for topics and speakers

Dedicated Faculty and Speaker Bank

National Conference kochi.

Ultravision, Delhi

Kurnool Fetal Radiology  Workshop

Amala institute, Thrissur, Fetal Radiology Workshops

Basic course for Fetal Radiology and Genetics, Mumbai and Nagpur

National Fetal Radiology Update, New Delhi, April

Fetal Radiology CME and workshops organised by all state  chapters:
Gujarat state had organised two cme and workshops on fetal radiology.
Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Punjab also organised cme. Live webinar seen in different parts of country.


Faculty and PG Mentoring towards multicenter studies and dissertations

Mentoring 4 dissertations across India

Mentoring 7 research studies across India

List of Fetal Radiology India Protocols for PG Dissertations in India

Special Interest Group to lead research:

Mentoring towards publications

Mentoring two publications

Dedicated Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatics support

Fetal Radiology India Website-

Case Discussions: 2 posted online

Online Journal Club: 23 articles posted online

Online Course on writing papers: 4 modules posted online

We have made a sincere attempt to create a platform for fetal radiology in India under the aegis of IRIA & ICRI,the result of which is evident in the familiarisation of the subspeciality of fetal radiology amongst IRIA members and other specialists. We have nurtured a pool of experts and speakers on the subject whose numbers are increasing day by day. We are confident to create a niche for fetal radiology in India in the years to come with india specific database, research and  the focus on reduction of maternal mmortality and perinatal mortality.

We thank the ICRI Chairman Dr.Jayaraj Govindraj, ICRI Secretary Dr.Varaprasad Vemuri for the continous support and encouragement we have received during this period.We would also like to record our gratitude to the IRIA National leadership under President Dr.Mohanan, Secretary General Dr.Amarnath and President Elect Dr.Hemant Patel whose guidance and blessings were a constant source of encouragement during this period.We hope ,with the  foundation laid by this team, may the future team build a superstructure ,perfect in its parts and honourable to IRIA and ICRI.

Dr.Rijo Mathew, SSH,Fetal Radiology,ICRI.

Dr.Amit Disawal, ICRI  Co-ordinator.




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